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Ryzolin B.V.

Pres. Kennedylaan 19
2517 JK Den Haag
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Production Maintenance & Overhaul sector

In cooperation with users Ryzolin® developed a unique solvent free cleaner / degreaser series for the production- and maintenance sector. The Ryzolin® series cleans in strength as a solvent based cleaner, but have the positive health / safety and environmental properties of an aqueous cleaner.

The Ryzolin series can be used universal (by hand, ultrasonic, bupicleaners, HP units) to remove oil, grease, carbon deposits, polyurethane, polystyrene, polyester, resins, gelcoats, inks, etc. The series are very appreciated by the general industry, painting industry, printing, etc. For solvent-free cleaning / degreasing of production- components / systems /machines and work environment, etc. As alternatives for solvent-based cleaners as f.i.:"white spirit", thinner, kerosene, ammonia, methylene chloride, methylene chloride.

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