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Ryzolin B.V.

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Printing / Offset Industry

For cleaning and degreasing of tools, printing rollers, printing equipment etc. Ryzolin® has developed cleaners based on vegetable esters, as alternatives for hydrocarbon cleaners. Particularly suitable for the printing industry. The Ryzolin® products are biodegradable and replacement for the traditional VOC cleaners.

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Operating temperature

Ryzolin® Bupicleaner NF

hand / spraywasher / Bupicleaner

5 - 20 %

5 – 80 C

Ryzolin Safetyclean® 34

hand / spray wax / Bupi cleaner

2 - 20 %

5 – 80 C

Ryzolin® Bupicleaner NF is a very powerful cleaner (concentrate) with specific additives for printing ink and universal applicable for cleaning and degreasing applications. Can be used on ferrous and non-ferrous material. Replacement for " white spirit", hydrocarbon based and/or combinations thereof.

Cleaning methode
Ryzolin® Bupicleaner NF can used besides by hand also in parts washer, spray- / ultrasonic- or washing machine, etc. In warm units we advise using temperature of 50 – 80 degr. C. dep. Pretest application.

Ryzolin Safetyclean® 34 (concentrate) is an optimal cleaner for the heavier ink applications. Ryzolin ® 34 is a suitable replacement for aliphatic or aromatic hydrocarbons. Product is used for heavy, tough ink soils / types if Ryzolin® Bupicleaner is not powerful enough. It also removes dried in printing inks, oil, tar, grease, anti - corrosion coatings and other industrial contaminants. The Ryzolin Safetyclean® 34 compared with many existing solvent cleaners gives less health and environmental impact to workers area and a quick and optimal cleaning job.

Cleaning methode
Ryzolin® 34 is used for cleaning tools, machines, grids, printing rolls, etc. and applied universal: by hand / brush / cloth or by soaking or spraying. Depending on the degree of pollution and type of application dilute to 1:5 to 1:50, depending on the pre-test and application.

For other products and/or questions about specific cleaning applications email or call +31 (0)70-3259115 for further information.

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