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Ryzolin B.V.

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H.A.C.C.P. & Food Industry
Food processing, gas stations, etc.

Ryzolin developed a strong high quality concentrated range of products for H.A.C.C.P. food industry branches. Besides quality also the human-, environmental- and waste water consequences are taken care off. Depending of the contamination selection can be made.

Below is an overview of the basic selection Ryzolin® products
Detailed product information available, email to:

Ryzolin® Economic is a universal, powerful and concentrated cleaning and degreasing product for the entire food industry and applicable to all materials. Product is suitable for the cleaning of all parts and machines which have no direct contact with food and where disinfection is unnecessary or in case of heavy pollution precleaner for the disinfection process. Other benefits of this product are phosphate-free, non-toxic, xi - free, no flash point and is very highly biodegradable. Is rapidly de- emulsifying for use with oil/water separator. Also removes odors from storage, containers etc.Dilute 1 : 5 till 1:100 depending application.

Ryzolin® Floor Cleaner (HD) is a powerful highly concentrated cleaner for industrial Food applications. Popular with cleaning companies because of its versatility and cleaning power. Xi- free Applications: heavy oils, grease residues, oily residue, cleaning of tanks and tank walls, concrete or asphalt, floors etc. Solvent free, non-toxic, no flash point, biodegradable. Quick resolution for use with water/oil separator. Dilute 1:1 to 1: 50.

Ryzolin® Foam Clean Acid is a liquid acid cleaner for foam cleaning of surfaces in the food industry. The product is particularly suitable for the removal of acid-soluble contaminants. The product also has good degreasing properties. Ryzolin® Foam Clean Acid is suitable for cleaning of acid- resistant material such as stainless steel, plastic and painted surfaces. Application Ryzolin® Foam Clean Acid is used for cleaning the exterior and interior of filling equipment, tanks, pipes, walls and floors throughout the food industry.

Ryzolin® Foam Clean is a liquid alkaline detergent foam amplifier used in the food industry. By integrated special inhibitors it prevents damage to aluminum and other light metals. The product also includes additives which pipes and nozzles are not clogged. Particularly suitable for the removal of fat and protein contaminants. The product is non-toxic and biodegradable. For heavier applications, Ryzolin® Foam Additive or Antifoam available, especially suitable for foam systems, foam fill and spray systems.