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Ryzolin B.V.

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Privacy statement

Your privacy is important to us

Safety is an important issue for our company, as well as the personal data of our clients. This page tells you why Ryzolin B.V. processes personal data and how you can exercise the rights you have under privacy legislation.

The reason why we process your personal data

Personal data will only be processed if this is permitted on the basis of Article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation (better known as the GDPR). This means that this processing is either necessary or that we have your explicit permission for this.

Privacy on the website

Ryzolin B.V. respects the privacy of all visitors to the website. The only information that is collected and stored when you visit our website is the information you provide on how you visit our website, the date and time of your visit. This information is used for supplying the information you requested and / or processing orders, etc.

Storage period

Ryzolin B.V. will delete your personal data when the processing of your personal data is no longer necessary for the purposes for which we have collected your data. Ryzolin B.V. will only retain your data for a longer period if necessary for compliance with a legal obligation.

Forward to third parties

In principle,Ryzolin B.V. will not forward personal data to third parties if this is not necessary. Ryzolin B.V. will only do this if it is necessary to carry out its tasks. If Ryzolin B.V. forwards your information to a third party, Ryzolin B.V. will take into account the applicable legislation. Since Ryzolin B.V. is an international company, it will in some cases be necessary that data will also be processed outside the EU. Here too, the applicable legislation is taken into account. Ryzolin B.V. will never forward, sell or trade your data with third parties for marketing purposes.

Your rights

When your personal data are processed by Ryzolin B.V., you have specific rights. You have the right to:

• request that Ryzolin B.V. provide you with access to the personal data that Ryzolin B.V. processes from you;
• request that Ryzolin B.V. adjust any incorrect and / or outdated personal data;
• request that Ryzolin B.V. complements incomplete personal data;
• request that Ryzolin B.V. delete your personal data;
• request that Ryzolin B.V. process less of your personal data;
• request that Ryzolin B.V. transfer personal data to a third party;
• object to the processing of personal data by Ryzolin B.V.

Ryzolin B.V. will consider all requests and answer within a reasonable time. If Ryzolin B.V. decides not to honor your request, Ryzolin B.V. will inform you of this. Ryzolin B.V. can ask for additional information in case of a request, so that we can confirm your identity.


Ryzolin B.V. may change this privacy statement without notice. If we change this privacy statement, then that modified version will be on this page. It is advisable to keep an eye on this page for possible changes.

Questions and contact of official data protection

For any personal data questions, you can contact our data protection officer via: We will do our best to answer questions clearly and to resolve complaints as well as possible.

Last modified: May 23, 2018