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 RYZOLIN Aircraft Cleaner


Below is an overview of the Ryzolin® products for exterior cleaning aircrafts and helicopters.

Ryzolin® Aircraft Cleaner is a very powerful exterior cleaner for aircrafts and helicopters. Especially designed to meet stronger local legislation. Solvent free and human and waste water friendly. On maintenance demand we developed a cleaner which thanks to the optimal structure of this product, giving it an excellent and strong cleaning affect, it does not affect alumna, etc. As it is inhibited for this use. Besides the product is non-corrosive.

Ryzolin® Aircraft Cleaner is highly appreciated by his users by his optimal performance. Depending of the contamination of the aircraft product is diluted with water as below. On heavy specific contamination as oil, carbon and grease on the exhaust area, landing system, etc. use 1:2. Others till 1:10.

Ryzolin® Aircraft Cleaner is tested and certified according the rules of Boeing and Douglas as well as Fokker Aircraft Company.

Chemical and physical Properties

Solutable with water



Acc. European rules

Users concentration

External 1 : 10 till 1 : 100 (dep. dirt grade)

General concentration

1 : 20


20 ltr. : 200 ltr. : 1000 ltr

Ryzolin® Aircraft Cleaner Gel
This gel version of the Ryzolin Aircraft Cleaner is by some maintenance groups used for the whole exterior of the aircrafts and helicopters. On this way they claim to reduce on product, manpower, waste quantity as well as a cleaner working area in that respect that the product sticks on the surface. Depending on application and system used the product can be tailor-made in gel-level.

This Gel product is made for use in combination with a low pressure gel-spray system in order to increase the efficiency. For small areas it can also be used by hand. On specific demand of maintenance, this gel is produced for cleaning purposes under the aircraft and motor-areas, due to the fact the product sticks better on the surface.

Chemical, physical and application Properties

Users concentration



As above

Users General Application
Both products spray on surface, brush in and after approx. 5 minutes sprayed off (Depending on dirt level).

Ryzolin® offers a complete Aircraft cleaning concept, internal, external including workshop cleaning concept. All above information is based on practice-tests / experiences and information, which as far as controllable by us, is adequate. As application by user is out of our control, we will and cannot except any responsibility whatsoever for use of the product.