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Ryzolin B.V.

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Caravan Cleaning

Ryzolin® Caravan Cleaner is developed in co-operation with the caravan manufacturers and users, to safely and efficiently clean the aluminium roof of caravans, campers and all external and internal surfaces. The product is a very effective on organic and atmospheric pollution and works also very good on the black dirt stripes around window frames. As the product is supplied as highly concentrated solution, it is very economic in use. After cleaning the product leaves behind an anti-static surface film which assists in reducing the build-up of new road film deposits.

This product can also be used:
- to remove oil and grease and to clean all internal surfaces;
- in universal cleaning for out-and in-door: chairs, boats, window cleaning, surface areas around and in the house at home, etc.;
- in any type of cleaning system, by hand and brush or used with HP -machines (see instruction manual).

Ryzolin® Caravan Cleaner is environmentally friendly, bio- degradable and harmless to humans, in accordance with EU Regulations.

Packaging: 20 liters.